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Laser surgery

Using the laser ray in dermatosurgery gives the possibility to remove skin changes without the necessity of putting stitches, leaving a small, almost invisible scar.
Correctly chosen laser wavelenght and time of laser exposure to a skin change that is being removed, guarantee an amazing cosmetic effect. The wound after surgery heals quickly, without any complications and without leaving a scar. This method may be used to remove almost any skin changes. Our patients are mostly people with virus warts - warts, flat warts, plantar warts, genital warts, ingrown nails, fibromas, moles and marks.



We have more than 20 years of experience.

Our main goal is to treat conditions with the wide range of medical devices, by choosing a proper device for each case individually, or by mixing these techniques during one procedure.

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Surgery for piles (haemorrhoids) .

Surgery may be recommended if other treatments for piles (haemorrhoids) have not been successful, or if you have haemorrhoids that are not suitable for non-surgical treatment.

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This method consists of putting the elastic ligatures on the base of a hemorrhoid. Ligatured tissues are getting inadequate blood supply and necrosis of these tissues will soon begin.
The problem of an ingrown nail is quite common. This condition is caused by the favorable anatomical conditions and improper cutting of nails, when they are cut too short or round cut.
Genital warts are the warts on skin and mucous membrane, located usually in the area of crotch, anus and external reproductive organs. The most effective ... is the removal of warts with a surgical laser.

To remove unwanted, dilated face blood vessels, teleangiectasia, spider angiomata, discoloration and hemangioma, we use a special vascular laser.


It guarantees the minimal necrotic zone in healthy tissue during cutting, coagulation and vaporization of pathological and cancerous changes.


It rejuvenates the skin, smoothens away wrinkles, removes scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores and various discolorations.